LEICAM, the nature’s richness for everyone


The Leicam project started in 2013. After a long phase of research and development, the company has developed the first capsule machine to serve teas and infusions of African origin.

Since its creation, LEICAM’s mission has been to become a leading player in innovation to give its customers access to natural, authentic and exceptional beverage recipes.

LEICAM is a socially committed, responsible company that cares about the well-being of its consumers.


With Teaways concept, LEICAM brings a major innovation in the way tea is prepared and consumed in Africa. Its process brings down the preparation time from over 30 minutes to less than 30 seconds.

In addition to the convenience created to consumers, this innovation makes rare plants, with known virtues, accessible to all, for exceptional infusions.

LEICAM benefits from a patent protecting its products in numerous countries.

LEICAM drinks and machines are marketed under the brand names:
logo teaways
logo xelilma
Discover our machines, and our 100% natural products :
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